Top 40 Proprietary Trading Firms

August 11, 2019 09:30 AM
Top 41 Proprietary Trading Firms

Top 41 Proprietary Trading Firms

#2Prop Trading Firms


3Red Partners

Type: Proprietary Trading

Location: Chicago

What they do: 3Red Partners is built around exceptional technology and cutting-edge research. 3Red brings intelligent, driven, and curious minds from the trading industry together to collaborate and solve quantitative finance and technical problems.


Akuna Capital

Type: Proprietary Trading

Strategy: Derivative market-making and arbitrage

Location: Chicago, Sydney, Boston, Hong Kong, Shanghai

What they do: Made up of a team of developers, quants and traders in the areas of options market-making and quantitative trading, Akuna Capital is a young firm with tech and team concept at its core. Founded in 2011, Akuna is one of the few non-established firms to provide liquidity as an options market maker.

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