Trend Model Stop-Out S&P 500 Futures, Long Fixed Income and Metals

Trend Following Index Real-Time Trades

Trend Following Index Real-Time Trades

Trend Trading Index Model Overview

The Real-Time Trend Trading Index from 40in20out is a signals-based hypothetical performance indicator designed to have a strong relationship with the returns of a classic trend trading strategy. Every minute of every trading day, trading signals are assessed on a portfolio of 30 futures markets and tracked with a very high level of transparency and accountability.

Trend Index Futures Position Update

There are 7 Long Positions and 12 Short Positions currently:

New Futures Trades Yesterday:

08/06/19 08:43:00 AM Short Cover ES 
08/06/19 01:28:01 PM Short Cover YM 

Current Long Futures Positions:

US | TY | FV | TU | JY | GC | SI |

Current Short Futures Positions:

EU | BP | AD | HG | NG | C | S | W | KC | CC | CT | LH |

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About the Author

Andrew Strasman is a co-founder of The Transparent Index Group, LLC. and a 25-year veteran trader, registered CTA and the sole principal of Totem Asset Group, LLC.