Global Macro Edge With PreData Alternative Data

July 30, 2019 10:00 AM
Mining global macro trends with PreData big data
Alternative Data for vital geopolitical event information
PreData alt data anticipates security, political, and financial trends
PreData geopolitical metadata risk index

PreData geopolitical metadata risk index

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PreData Alternative Data for Global Macro Traders


PreData alternative data platform is where hedge fund and risk managers can find vital geopolitical event information.

A few questions PreData can answer – Is denuclearization in North Korea progressing? Are Chinese intellectual property thefts and forced technology transfer issues as trade deadline nears? Is there civil unrest around the pipeline in Saudi Arabia? Are oil companies deploying employees to problem areas?


About PreData Geopolitical Alt Data

PreData’s founding team is a group of Princeton University engineers. They came together to build a technology solution that could parse publicly available data and generate indicators of geopolitical risk.

Together, they developed machine-learning algorithms that could not only quantify current security, political, and financial trends but could anticipate them as well.

PreData monitors multiple web sources and social media.  PreData is most interested in web metadata. Examples of metadata are web view counts, comment counts, and page edits.

PreData started in 2015 and has 22 employees in 3 offices. The company has raised over $3 million in venture funding. Notable investors include Edison Ventures, Conversion Capital and Chicago Ventures.


How To Use Geopolitical Alternative Data

Investors have different goals. A few of the use cases are for PreData alternative data is to describe and anticipate, security, political, and financial trends.

The primary use case for PreData is monitoring global geopolitical risks. Very useful alternative data for Global Macro traders. We think it works best in combination with other global macro factors.

PreData alerts investment managers early by using metadata and not NLP to data-mine. According to research, statistics on metadata browsing patterns lead news reporting and Google Trends and other alternative data web scrapers. 


PreData Index Signals

The goal is to identify outliers and opportunities before other investors. There are many ways to combine and create indexes with PreData.

PreData provides the indexes and signals to use in quant factor models.


PreData Team

The PreData founding team was a group of Princeton engineers that came together to build an alternative data technology solution that could parse open-source data and generate quantitative indicators of risk.

The PreData team is made up of twenty-two people- sixteen data scientists and two sales associates.

Sectors and Industries and Topics Covered

Energy, Country Risk, Mining Disruptions, Pipeline Disruptions, Civil Unrest.

The geography covered is global.

PreData Clients

Predata clients include many of the leading organizations in finance, government, and corporate risk. Clients include government agencies and buy-side hedge funds.

PreData Costs

The cost for the alternative data varies by fund size. 

About the Author

Sophie Randle is studying Strategic Communications at TCU. Sophie has interests in financial markets, alternative data, public relations, and marketing.

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