The Surprisingly New Life of Futures Magazine

Futures Magazine started publication in 1972
Expanded research and trade idea offering
Coverage of stocks, futures, commodities, forex and crypto
Futures Magazine relaunch is welcomed in Futures Trading Industry

Futures Magazine relaunch is welcomed in Futures Trading Industry

We have heard it all. The commodity and futures trading industry is terrible; we can't make money; everyone is getting out of the business.

Wait. The iconic 40+ year-old Futures Magazine is back. And in a more institutional and sophisticated way. The new content has a more professional and institutional feel.

The futures and commodity industry is in desperate need of reliable and consistent trading information. The new magazine format offers reports and analytics similar to research that hedge fund traders rely on to generate alpha.

A sneak peek revealed smart content and market analysis and trade research similar to sell-side institutional research. The content available at Futures Magazine will level the playing feel and make traders and investors feel smarter. 

The digital relaunch makes available over 100,000 pieces of archived futures and commodity trading articles -  an excellent resource for the old-time trader or newbie. 

New daily content will be provided by industry experts and well-healed financial writers to bring thought-provoking articles and ideas.

Take a peek and provide feedback and suggestions -  We need our readers to help in discovering the best deliverable format.    

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Futures Magazine is a premier resource for trading insights and trade ideas. The magazine publishes articles daily on stocks, futures , commodities, options, forex and crypto.