TOCOM launches Platinum Rolling Spot Futures contract

March 21, 2017 01:19 PM

The Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc., announced today the launch of the Platinum Rolling Spot Futures contract. On the first trade date, a total of 21,606 contracts were traded. 

“We are pleased to announce the good takeoff of our new Platinum Rolling Spot Futures. It compares quite well with other contracts listed on our Exchange in recent years including Gold Rolling Spot launched in 2015, commented Takamichi Hamada, President & CEO, TOCOM.

“The Platinum Rolling Spot contract specifications are identical to the Gold Rolling Spot contract. It has no maturity date. We believe it will attract investors that trade foreign exchange on margin as Gold Rolling Spot has done. Now that arbitrage between two Rolling Spot contracts is available, our market supports more diverse trading strategies. We expect it will boost markets for other commodities at TOCOM. We aim to promote our Platinum Rolling Spot Futures so as to take a firm hold in the investment community, and to make this a top-listed product at TOCOM.”

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