qplum: Offering dynamic investment plans

March 16, 2017 12:14 PM

Company name: qplum

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Company website: www.qplum.co

Twitter handle: @qplum_team 

FINtech sector: Investment advisory

Elevator pitch: qplum is a digital investment advisory service offering A.I. based portfolios for personal investing.

Year formed: 2015 

Number of employees: 25+

Stage: Self-funded with $3 million+, pre-revenue

Notable investors: Self-funded. Founders have committed $3 million+ to operations.

Brief description of the company: qplum is an online investment advisory firm, offering A.I. and machine learning based portfolios. We believe that investing is a science, not a game. We offer dynamic investment plans along with risk management and a dedicated team that is with you through the important events of your life.

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