Zoonova: Offering hedge-fund tested analytics

February 8, 2017 10:42 AM

Company Name: Altaira LLC.

Company Website: www.zoonova.com  

Twitter Handle: @ZooNova

FINtech sector(s): Retail Investment, Institutional Investment, Risk Management, Retail Trading, Financial Research, Virtual Currencies, Hedge Funds

Elevator pitch: Zoonova.com is a global web app that runs on any device and has an integrated Cross Asset software platform.

Zoonova is the first mobile web app to offer hedge-fund tested analytics for stocks, bonds, options, exotic instruments (i.e., floating-rate notes, callable bonds, money market, foreign exchange, interest rate swaps, basis swaps, credit default swaps, and alternative investments), along with tools like yield and credit curves... portfolio optimization, risk metrics, and "what-if" analysis can be run across all positions and portfolios. Customized news and vdeo connects users to world economic and financial events while picks and forecasts and chat/messaging allow users to engage in a community mind-share of ideas, strategies, trends and projections. Not only does Zoonova provide an inimitable view of world financial markets, it also provides a solid and powerful platform to analyze them.

Year formed: 2012

Number of employees: 4

Stage: Pre-Series, In revenue

Notable investors: No outside investors

Brief description of your company: As competition in the world of trading and information platforms increases, users are increasingly dissatisfied with products which either cost thousands of dollars or aren't robust enough to be truly useful. And while there are plenty of professional services which offer enterprise-strength tools, none has been both powerful and affordable. Until now. Zoonova is based on the "freemium" business model where its basic subscription package is offered at loss-leader-pricing: free—nothing—zip. Even premium features in the executive subscription are offered at an extremely competitive price: $(29) per month. It is our goal to continue developing an innovative enterprise level cross-asset financial platform that levels the playing field—allowing Zoonova users to compete against any competitor, worldwide. With enterprise-level features like this, some have called Zoonova the "new Bloomberg." To them, we say, "Thanks... but we're affordable!"


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