hot toddy recipes to keep you warm

January 20, 2017 01:00 PM
​Looking for a way to keep warm during the cold weather or rather alleviate your cold while under the weather?

Looking for a way to keep warm during the cold weather or rather alleviate your cold while under the weather? It’s winter, it’s flu season and many people are choosing to stay inside rather than brave the cold and the hot toddy is the perfect cocktail for a cold night in. Hailing from Scotland, the hot toddy is classically a warm alcoholic concoction of spirit, honey, water and herbs, spices and/or tea. It is often consumed just before retiring for the evening as a fantastic way to ease into slumber, but has also seen its share of purported health benefits, from clearing out a stuffy nasal passage to easing a lingering headache or cough.

Whatever your reason for imbibing this winter season, here are four hot toddy variations sure to be at 
least delicious.

Spiced Bourbon Toddy

Cinnamon and spice create added warmth in this variation without tea.
2 oz. Bourbon such as Angel’s Envy
1.5 TBS Pure maple syrup
2 Lemon wedges
2 Cinnamon sticks
Boiling water to fill
Garnish: Pinch cayenne pepper
Method: Add bourbon, maple syrup, cinnamon sticks and pinch of cayenne pepper in a mug.  Bring water in a kettle to a boil and fill mug. Squeeze in the juice of two lemon wedges and stir to combine. Let sit until cool enough to drink, allowing cinnamon to infuse.

Gin Toddy

Gin may not seem like a natural choice for a toddy, but the botanicals in gin make for a delicious accompaniment to warming spices.
1 ½ oz. London Dry Gin such as Bombay Sapphire
1 tsp Honey
4 oz. boiling water
1 star anise
1 cardamom pod
Garnish: Slice of orange
Method: Combine gin, honey, spices and water in a mug and stir to combine.  Squeeze in a wedge of orange and drop into the mug.

Le Pere-Bis

Scotch is a classic choice for any hot toddy, but this variation adds St-Germain, a honeyed sweet liqueur to complement the chamomile tea.
1 ½ oz. Islay Scotch such as Ardbeg 10
½ oz. St-Germain
1 tsp Honey
4 oz. Hot Chamomile tea
1 wedge lemon
Garnish: 3 cloves, studding the lemon wedge
Method: Build Islay Scotch, St-Germain, honey and hot chamomile tea in a mug and stir well to combine. Stud a lemon wedge with 3 cloves and drop into the mug.

Green Spiced Toddy

Spiced rum adds notes of vanilla and oak and pairs perfectly with freshly grated nutmeg.
2 oz. Spiced rum such as Bacardi Oakheart
2 tsp honey
4-5 oz. Hot black tea
Juice of half a lemon
Freshly grated nutmeg
Garnish: Lemon peel
Method: Combine Bacardi Oakheart, honey, tea and lemon in a mug and stir to combine.  Finish with freshly grated nutmeg and a lemon peel.

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Hillary Choo is an award-winning mixologist, brand ambassador and former bartender. Hillary has received multiple recognitions, most recently Top Ten Mixologists in Miami by The Miami New Times in 2013 and Bartender of the Year Miami by Eater. Hillary is Portfolio Ambassador Miami for Bacardi USA. Follow Instagram at HillaryChoo. @ohillaryo