We asked traders what the Trump victory means for their market

November 14, 2016 01:02 PM

Risk aversion swept across the financial markets during early trading on Nov. 9, after the unexpected Donald Trump presidential victory soured investor risk appetite.  With risk-off sentiment amid the Trump victory becoming a dominant theme across the board, stock markets could have been be left depressed for prolonged periods, but most markets seemed to have recovered by the following day. 

After the historic and unprecedented Nov. 8 election results, we decided it was time to reach out to our experts to ask for their opinion on what this Trump win means for stocks and other markets they trade and follow.

We asked traders, "What does the Trump victory mean for the markets you follow and how will those specific markets be affected in the near term (next 90 days)?"

Here's what they had to say...

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Tamarah Webb is the associate editor for Modern Trader magazine and Futuresmag.com. She was born in Hawaii and has moved numerous times being privileged to live in places around the world through the military. Tamarah is a recent journalism alumna of Columbia College Chicago where she minored in cultural studies.