High-frequency cocktailing: The summer reading list

July 23, 2016 01:00 PM

Punch: The delights (and dangers) of the flowing bowl

By David Wondrich

The second book from one of the cocktail world’s most celebrated authors and historians (the first one being Imbibe), Punch takes readers on a celebrated journey into the punch bowl that starts with some very lonely British sailors and swells to include a cast of lords and ladies, admirals, kings, presidents, poets, pirates, novelists and other colorful characters. Punch is the perfect choice for the history buff or punch enthusiast. 


How's Your Drink: Cocktails, culture, and the art of drinking well 

By Eric Felten

Eric Felten narrates the history of booze in a fun, fairly quick read complete with cocktail recipes along the way. At only 207 pages, How’s Your Drink is also a perfect choice for a long flight or an afternoon at the beach. Eric narrates the history of booze in an easy-to-read collection of recipes and stories.


The Gentlemen's Companion

By Charles Henry Baker

A vintage masterpiece and captivating story, The Gentlemen’s Companion is the narrative of Charles Baker’s prohibition era travels throughout the world in search of exotic alcoholic beverages in addition to interesting people with whom he could share them. Initially publishes in 1939, The Gentlemen’s Companion provides a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the glamorous world of travel in the mid-20th century.


Death & Co: Modern classic cocktails, with more than 500 recipes

By David Kaplan and Nick Fauchald

A gorgeous coffee table book, the Death & Co. Cocktail Book hails from one of New York City’s most acclaimed cocktail bars and is a gorgeous coffee table tome full of stories and cocktail recipes. Every recipe is perfectly balanced, and the reader can be assured any drink made from the recipe section will be perfectly balanced and suitable for guests.


The bar book – Elements of cocktail technique

By Jeffrey Morganthaler

The most serious of this collection, The Bar Book is an essential cocktail book for the seasoned cocktail enthusiast. Originally written for bartenders, bar owners and industry insiders, The Bar Book is still useful at home and explores in depth with great detail on the how’s and why’s of topics like juicing, garnishing, carbonating, stirring, and shaking to choosing the proper ice and how to get to the right level of dilution. It is a must for anyone working in the drinks industry and ideal for anyone wanting to achieve professional technique at home.


Joy of Mixology: The consummate guide to the bartender’s craft

By Gary Regan

Gary Regan, aka Gaz Regan is one of New York’s older cocktail bartenders and a heavyweight in the cocktail writing world. The Joy of Mixology is a gem, one whose genius lies in Regan’s breakthrough system for categorizing drinks that helps bartenders – both professional and amateurs alike – not only to remember drink recipes but to also invent their own.  


Imbibe Magazine 

Imbibe magazine is akin to the Bon Appètit of the drink’s world. Eloquently written and beautifully photographed, Imbibe keeps its readers up to date with current trends, in the know for hot spot bars and restaurants and educated on the most trending topics in the cocktail industry. It’s a fun read for anyone looking to keep up to date year round with a quick read and makes a wonderful gift idea for the cocktail enthusiast.

About the Author

Hillary Choo is an award-winning mixologist, brand ambassador and former bartender. Hillary has received multiple recognitions, most recently Top Ten Mixologists in Miami by The Miami New Times in 2013 and Bartender of the Year Miami by Eater. Hillary is Portfolio Ambassador Miami for Bacardi USA. Follow Instagram at HillaryChoo. @ohillaryo