December 2015: Active vs. Passive investing

May 16, 2016 09:00 AM

December 2015: Active vs. Passive investing 

In “Follow the gurus,” Steven Lord introduced the Global X GURU Index exchange traded fund (ETF), which attempts to model the high conviction holdings of active hedge fund managers through a search of the funds’ 13F filings. The GURU ETF has since beaten the performance of passive funds replicating the S&P 500 — slightly outperforming 

In our Trend Following feature, Neil Azous provided an outlook for gold. He concludes that the long bull cycle in gold has probably ended. While gold has seen a resurgence of late, it has not challenged its 2015 high above $1,300 or broken the downward trendline from its 2011 all-time high of $1,923.07.

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