Wall Street's top 25

January 21, 2016 01:00 PM

TipRanks started its services on a pretty basic premise. Investors should be able to pull up the track record of a market analyst the same way a sports fan can find a box score or how a favorite team is rated. 

Below are the Top 25 equity analysts as of December 2015 as rated by TipRanks based on the accuracy of their recommendation from a field of 3,685. They also list by the sector they follow, sector rank, success rate, distribution of recommendations (buy/sell/hold) and average return. 

How special are these analysts? From a field of 3,685, the top 10% would come to 368.5 and the top 1% would be rounded to 37, so this list represents the cream of the crop, or in statistical parlance, 
higher than the 99th percentile.

About the Author

Uri Gruenbaum is the CEO and co-founder of TipRanks, whose proprietary technology is based on natural language processing & machine learning algorithms that constantly track, rank & measure financial experts based on their stock ratings, bringing accountability into the markets. @TipRanks