Tiingo: Providing unique high-end tools

Company Name: Tiingo
Company Location: New York, NY
Company Website: Tiingo.com
Twitter Handle: @tiingo
Stocktwits handle: Tiingo
FINtech sector(s): 

Elevator pitch: Financial Research, Risk Management
Year formed: 2014
Number of employees: 1 (Rishi Singh, CEO/Founder/Developer)

Stage: Pre-seed; We are in revenue
Notable investors: Self-funded

Brief description of the company: Tiingo is a financial data platform built to provide you with high-end tools not seen anywhere else.

We built our entire platform to integrate, which means every feature connects to another. This results in innovative tools like a stock screener that can “talk” to your portfolio to help you find uncorrelated assets. Other features allow you to make your own fundamentals metrics using our custom metrics creator.

Our guiding philosophy of “Actively Do Good” pushes us to challenge the status quo. For example, we not only have live news feeds, we also run language algorithms that fade out links deemed to be clickbait such as, “These 5 Stocks Will Make You Rich!” These articles are not only misleading, they are also harmful. These algos are our way of “Actively Doing Good” - helping the user while also holding journalists accountable. This is just one feature of many that embraces this philosophy.

A full list of features and our philosophy is available at https://www.tiingo.com

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