We asked traders if the Fed will finally take the plunge

August 21, 2015 09:42 AM

It seems as though 2015 has been the year of potential interest rate hikes.

With each FOMC meeting, the question everyone returns to is, "Will they or won't they?" The opinion appeared that they might be readying to raise them come September, but with the recent problems in the Chinese stock market and Greece, those expectations are being pushed further back.

While some believe that the Federal Reserve waited too long to raise rates, others believe that they will stay the course and follow through with a September hike (or, at the very latest, December). With that line of thinking, once it has been decided that they will raise rates, the natural following question is how much they will be raised.

That's why we asked traders, "It is nearly September, and the Fed has yet to raise interest rates. At this point in the year, when do you believe the Fed will raise rates, and by how much? 

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