Corn and soybeans show bottoming formations

June 23, 2015 03:53 PM



Corn had a king's cross buy signal yesterday and today corn took out the high that was put in before corn made new lows this is also a new high close for the month. The monthly chart in September and December made new contract lows and are less then 10 cents away from having key reversals this is bottoming activity.



Soybeans have had two buy signals since the trend turned up two weeks ago on the daily chart. Beans are well above the 50- period moving average which is now pointing up. The weekly chart had a key reversal last week and is well above the 20-period moving average this week so far the monthly chart is pennies away from having a key reversal after making new lows earlier in the month.

Please remember this is bottoming activity and the longer term trend is still down in most cases the trend will be down on bottoming formations. But you have to start somewhere and last year's harvest lows could be a good starting point. The risk is relatively low at this point because if corn and beans close below last week's low these formations would be negated.

Soybeans, November​

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