We asked traders if the euro will reach parity with the dollar

April 10, 2015 08:27 AM

The dollar has been on a tear against all currencies for close to a year but has gained the most against the euro. A year ago the euro rebounded from its 2012 low to just a shade below 140. Since then it has plummeted precipitously as the U.S. Federal Reserve completed tapering its open ended quantitative easing program and is preparing to tighten rates just as the Eurozone is initiating its own quantitative easing strategy.

Some see the euro breeching parity with the dollar as inevitable. The euro dipped below 105 in mid-March before rebounding back above 110. 

We asked traders, now that it's experienced a correction, will the euro reach parity with the dollar? If so, when? And what comes next?

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