College: Did you get what you paid for?

March 19, 2015 01:00 PM

When you consider choosing a college or university for your higher education, there are several factors that could affect your decision. Location is a common one, cost another, as well as the school's expertise in your desired area of study. But it doesn't seem as though a deciding factor in choosing a school is the success of their graduate turnout.

The folks over at Payscale are trying to change this in a small way. They've created a list of top colleges and universities based on the amount of money alumnae reported making in the last 20 years, adjusted for the cost of their time at the school. They further break it down to separate the amount made based on whether or not they received aid from the respective school. As you can imagine, the top schools focus primarily on business and financial degrees, with arts schools ranking toward the bottom.

This list is sorted by highlighting the different categories of schools, their respective Return of Investments (RoI, or the amount graduates reported making post-graduation) and their national ranks with and without aid.

Schools are organized by highest rank. If a school was already mentioned in one category but also applies to another, the next ranked and unmentioned school is listed. Honorable mentions are for the editors' respective alma maters.

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