We asked traders about their predictions for 2015. Here's what they said...

January 14, 2015 09:10 AM

 Carl Larry @oiloutlooks

 My outlook is that oil will once again see $80 and maybe even higher. The world needs to catch  up to the growth in the United States and our “hot economy.” I will once again be recognized as  the Abby Cohen of oil and Roubini will only be mentioned on a VH1 Special of “Bear Side Economists; Where are they now?”

If I had to pull a Miss Cleo and give a few predictions, I’d go with the break-up of OPEC, the beginning of a Lat Am oil cartel and U.S. oil exports opening the flood gates. I know there’s plenty of pessimists about what impact U.S. oil can have on the market, but when the U.S. is the source, you can’t have a more stable and steady trade partner.

Carl Larry is a director and business development consultant for oil and gas at Frost & Sullivan. He provides daily oil market guesstimates with a dose of pop culture.

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