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July 31, 2014 06:38 PM

Futures legend Leo Melamed was kind enough to provide his perspective for the 500th issue of Futures. In it he highlights some of the major milestones of the industry and its synergy with the launch and growth of Commodities/Futures magazine.

Leo has been generous with his time over the years; here are some of the important interviews and stories featuring Mr. Melamed.

In 2007 Futures published “Agent of Change,” a special issue featuring interviews with the people who shaped the modern futures universe. Leading the way was an interview with Melamed who detailed the important milestones for the industry from the start of financial futures to the preeminence of electronic trading.

Leo Melamed: In the middle of the action from the beginning

Melamed pays tribute to Milton Friedman on the 40th anniversaries of the International Monetary Market and Futures magazine, which corresponded with the 100th birthday celebration for Friedman.

Leo Melamed: If it’s good enough for Milton

Futures interviewed Melamed for its September 2012 currency issue on the eve of the tribute to Milton Friedman.

Melamed on Milton and the impact of currency futures

It takes a vision

Last summer Melamed addressed a group of college interns as part of the Marketswiki World of Opportunity Summer Intern Education Series. While some of his anecdotes we’ve heard before, his overall message was important.

Melamed tells interns competition is key to success

Melamed addresses his concern that the U.S. government too quickly abandoned free market principles in its rush to react to the 2008 credit crisis.

The Law of Selective Gravity

No one inside the futures industry pushed harder for the creation of electronic futures markets than Leo Melamed. He understood early on that it was a matter of survival and commissioned that study that led to the creation of Globex. Here is the October 1987 story announcing its arrival.

Automation: 24-hour trading to come to CME 

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