We just bought a leading hedge fund platform…here’s why

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The New York Times reported that we at The Alpha Pages just completed the acquisition of FINalternatives, the world’s leading online hedge fund information platform. Crain’s had its own take on the story.

But we wanted to take a minute to celebrate and tell our audience why we’ve made such a bold move.

Two major objectives drive us each day.

First, we want to evolve Futures magazine into an indispensable news and analysis platform for the modern derivatives trader.

Second, we are currently developing the first comprehensive online resource for the private alternative investment industry--the soon-to-debut Alpha Pages.

As we achieve these goals, each step of our growth process confronts the “buy vs. build” question.

Yes, it’s cheaper to build. But buying allows aggressive movers in this competitive industry to reach their goals faster, all while ensuring a high level of quality to our reader’s from day one.

The quest for quality was the primary reason we purchased FUTURES. Through this acquisition, we can create the preferred destination for the ever-evolving information needs of the modern trader. It is also the reason Dan Collins was handed the reins to assume the Editor-in-Chief role.

Now, that same appeal fueled our acquisition of FINalternatives. The alternative investment industry has indicated it to be the primary destination for news, commentary, and analysis pertaining to the global hedge fund and private equity industry.

As of June 30, 2014, Alexa’s global ranking of most trafficked internet sites ranked FINalternatives #1 in terms of global visitors among the hedge fund information portals.

FIN will continue to be powered by its highly-regarded editorial team under the leadership of its founder, Deirdre Brennan, who will partner with us to build The Alpha Pages.

We are excited and we hope you share our joy.

That is why we invite you to sign up at www.alphapages.com (it’s all free) to receive notice of our online launch and exclusive access to our upcoming print debut of The Alpha Pages as a supplement to the upcoming 500th issue of Futures magazine.

Finally, thank you to all. The recent encouragement from our readers has provided us all with a little extra lift.


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