Sen. Rand Paul: Mistake for U.S. to go back into Iraq

Senator Rand Paul told Futures magazine that the United States needs to avoid falling back into the quagmire of war in Iraq.

“I think it'd be a real a mistake for us to get back involved in this war,” said Senator Paul. “I've been, for two or three years now, trying to rescind the authorization of force for Iraq because they say the war's over. The problem is that things have been lingering there now for eleven years.” In an exclusive interview, the Kentucky Senator said that he opposes putting troops back on the ground and that the U.S. needs to strongly consider the consequences of its foreign policy. 

“We’ll need a debate over whether Congress is interested in war, which means the potential of another 4,000 soldiers dying to take over retake cities that the Iraqis apparently weren't interested in defending themselves, as they took their uniforms off and ran. I see nothing good about us getting in there. Is it unstable? Yeah but it's unstable because of the Iraq war. I think ultimately it is a war that's over, and I don't see getting back involved in it.”

In addition to his views on instability in the Middle East, the full interview with Senator Rand Paul covers a wide-swath of market and political topics including his views on auditing the Federal Reserve and U.S. gold reserves, and an update on when the Senator will decide on whether he will pursue the U.S. presidency. The interview will be available in print in Futures’ upcoming special issue, the publication’s 500th edition.

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