Eye on Brazil: World Cup, gold and diamonds

Soccer (or fútbol) fans are teeming with excitement as they watch the world’s best players compete in The World Cup, a month-long international tournament.

Brazil is hosting the tournament, and although their team is equated to the Dallas Cowboys in the global soccer arena, fan emotions and expectations are high as they face a strong challenger, Mexico, this week.

Soccer isn’t the only thing people, especially investors, should be excited about. Brazil’s gold (COMEX:GCN14) and diamond market is booming, ensuring your investment portfolio doesn’t receive a Red Card.

A Golden Opportunity

Gold and other precious metals played an important religious role in Brazil’s Incan culture. When Spanish conquistadors arrived on the shores of the Amazonian region in the early 1500s, they were mystified by the abundance of gold and silver (COMEX:SIN14) that “primitive” civilizations had collected.

In the 1700s, the Portuguese arrived to partake of the bountiful gold, iron ore, bauxite and copper (COMEX:HGN14) that Spanish colonizers discovered centuries earlier, and so began Brazil’s Gold Rush.

Fast forward to today—Beadell Resources Ltd., a junior gold producer, has established its main operation at the Tucano mine—the third highest producing gold mine in Brazil. Cash costs are predicted $535-$585US per ounce.

Beadell’s gold mining is in the lowest quartile with sustainable production of approximately 200,000 ounces. Better yet, there’s good opportunity for extension due to its stellar open pit deposit. Exporters are favored by the local monetary policy which increases the Beadall gold price by 3%.

Many fund managers believe that Beadall Resources represents a solid medium-to-long term investment for great dividend yield and tremendous growth.

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