NBA and the Federal Reserve: A tale of two blunderers

If, as Charles Dudley Warner once scribed, “politics makes strange bedfellows” then as we assert “coerced circumstances make for unexpected consequences”.  The motion of such colloquial expressions tends to be circular like a dog chasing his tail.

The sequence usually ends by spiraling out of control when the dog’s plight knocks over a lamp which provides a spark that jumps upon a curtain which bursts into flames that burns the whole house of cards down.

The characters and their counterparts:


                                     NBA                                                       Federal Reserve

Commissioner & the league office

Chairperson & the FOMC

Donald Sterling

The Banksters (GS, JPM, C, BAC, AIG, GE, et al)

The Fans

We the People

Donald Sterling, however you may feel about the billionaire one-percenter, lit the torch on his sports empire when he was “caught” uttering grossly disturbing diatribes in the heat of passion perhaps reflecting his inner-self.  Players, coaches, sponsors and fans of the LA Clippers were about to embark on a mass exodus.  The team value would have plummeted to the value of a trophy available at Sports Authority in a New York minute.  Fittingly, New York came to the rescue in the form of the NBA. Newly appointed Commissioner Adam Silver and his brilliant league office colleagues forced Sterling to sell the team and banned him from attending any NBA games least he does so from the intimacy of his home theatre. 

The woeful team goes on the selling blocks; the players stay, the coach’s coach and the sponsors cheer in politically correct unison while “Steve the Conqueror” writes a check for $2 billion for a rapidly declining asset.  Sterling leaves through the back door tripping on his good fortune and promising to sue the NBA until they regress into a software package running on an Atari.

In the end, who pays for this brilliant decision by NBA commissioner Silver and his blundering charlatan think tank?  Not the players as they continue to receive their stratospheric salaries to run up and down a gym floor calling each other names that would even embarrass Sterling. Not the coaches either as they also continue cashing checks with several zeroes after the first digit for crafting the artistic ability to draw an “x” or “o” while dressed in Armani’s.  Not even the sponsors where dinged by this rage against the machine as they haven’t missed a beat to sell their products on television, in the print media, on mobile ads, social media and everywhere else they can find … a fan!  And of course now that Ballmer has overpaid for the franchise by many multiples, who will pay for the highly probable increase in ticket costs … yes, you guessed the price is right; give me “fan for three hundred please”! 


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