Who says trading is a man's game?

Woman takes World Cup Trading competition

Victoria Grimsley became the second woman ever to take first place in the Annual World Cup Championship of Futures Trading. She was awarded her trophy Friday in an award ceremony on the CME Group trading floor to culminate the 30th year of this event.

The industry’s longest-running, real-money trading competition produced winners from three different continents for the second consecutive year.

Co-sponsored by Vision Financial Markets LLC, WorldCupAdvisor.com (WCA) and Robbins Trading Company, the annual award ceremony was hosted by CME Group.

Grimsley, an actress, singer and dancer in Los Angeles, won with a 160% net increase in starting equity. Song Li, a native of Beijing now based in Michigan, took second place with a 119% net return. René Wolfram, a resident of Germany and the only full-time professional trader in the top three, captured third place with a 53% net return. Grimsley received the pewter version of the trophy, with Wolfram and Li taking home crystal trophies.

Grimsley demonstrated her drive and commitment in her first World Cup Championship appearance by posting a 160% net return to capture first-place in the 2013 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading. Grimsley is able to balance trading with parenting by using a technical system that doesn’t dominate her day. It is built on moving averages, momentum indicators, parabolics and candlesticks – tools she settled on after years of trial and error.

Grimsley, who has appeared in commercials and independent films, said: “Just developing a system and utilizing and deciding upon certain indicators, charts and moving averages takes a lot of creativity,” Grimsley says. “I believe any person who develops any certain trading system that is successful has to have some amount of creativity.”

Calling herself “100% devoted to trading,” she is able, after years of practice, to balance that passion with parenting and professional demands by using a technical system that does not dominate her day.

In her winning World Cup Championship account she traded E-mini Dow, S&P and Russell index futures. She limits her futures trading to stock indices because “nothing has produced the returns that I have captured in my Dow Jones futures account.” 

Grimsley’s method tolerates short-term gyrations that might make others squeamish, but she says it fits her spirited personality. “Other traders have their own ways and systems, and that is okay. I have my own,” she says. “I am simply trying to find the major trend and ride it as long as I can. My early losses taught me that the market doesn’t care what I think or whether I’m trying to prove my system right.”

If you're interested in participating in the competition, the contest goes on year-round and people can sign up throughout the calendar year. It is also possible to mirror Grimsley's  trading outside the contest with WorldCupAdvisor.com Leader-Follower AutoTrade service. 

Victoria Grimsley 

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