FIA provides swaps scorecard

May 6, 2014 09:08 AM


FIA Issues Second SEF Tracker Report on Swap Trading Activity 

Washington, D.C.-May 6, 2014-The Futures Industry Association today published the second issue of FIA SEF Tracker, a periodic report on trading activity taking place on swap execution facilities

This issue contains four additional weeks of data for the month of April as well as two enhancements-a breakdown of non-deliverable forwards trading by currency, and a breakdown of credit default swaps trading between contracts subject to "made available to trade" determinations and all other. 

FIA will publish the SEF Tracker report on a monthly basis initially but plans to publish it on a more frequent basis at a later stage. The report contains statistics on the volume of trading as well as charts showing volume trends over time. The report is based on data collected directly from the SEFs via the daily reports they make available to the public. The report also includes data from trading venues that are offering the same or similar products but have opted to register with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as designated contract markets rather than as SEFs. 

FIA developed this report to provide the public with a better understanding of these new venues for the trading of over-the-counter derivatives and looks forward to enhancing this report over time. Anyone interested in obtaining the reports can sign up through the FIA website. 

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