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It took this time window to see the end of that era. I’m not going to comment on the crisis today but rest assured we all know the history of Europe is filled with sinkholes of disagreement over how they’ve drawn the map. Since many of us were born right after WWII we’ve been lucky that we’ve lived the majority of our lives of relative peace in Europe. But now history might be catching up to us. Just yesterday I was invited to a meeting hosted by a very well-known spiritual leader. What many of us didn’t know how well this man is connected. He knows many of the top political officials in the Middle East (those who are not of the Muslim extreme), several heads of state, is a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and is also a friend of at least one former US President. This man spoke his mind on world geopolitics and believes the Middle East is hanging on by its fingernails. What was his solution to all of these problems? Pray and do it quickly.

In our work, what this likely means is the pattern started by the time window is likely going to continue. The higher probability is it will continue to frustrate both bulls and bears alike. But here’s the wild card. As markets don’t climb a wall of worry during a crisis its likely to get hit again if and when the next problem hits. Last year at this time I thought Israel would hit Iran sometime in 2013. It didn’t happen but the West instead is trying to make a deal with Iran. My concerns were right on the money. Now we find Iran being double minded because while they are trying to get rid of the sanctions and become a functioning member of the 21st century they still insist on sending weaponry to the terrorists who would use it to destroy Israel. I know some of you really don’t understand the true significance of Israel. Thanks to American intelligence they got caught (check out If the day ever comes that Israel is seriously threatened it will be the start of WWIII. What our host told us is that most of the leaders in the Middle East have come to the conclusion they must make peace with Israel. At the same time many of these leaders are at risk themselves to losing their monarchies to Islamic terrorists. Do you understand the problem?

Sooner or later all of this can and will impact financial markets. Although we couldn’t anticipate it on January 1, the year 2014 is slowly turning into the surprise geopolitical problem. The cycles have spoken and the chickens are coming home to roost.

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