Positive news brings bullish reaction despite taper threat

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With the next Fed meeting coming up next week, we should see them float a couple of trial balloons, but I doubt anything happens that would interfere with the holiday shopping season or Ben Bernanke’s legacy. He’s got another month to go, and there’s plenty of time for the "T" word under Janet’s watch. But that won’t stop the insanity of media hordes that have nothing better to hype this week.

Finally, the biggest story of the year is the peace deal lifting sanctions against Iran. I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out the real reason why such a deal materialized. Someone may have figured it out. If you’ve never checked out the Debka.com website, you should. There are a couple of very interesting stories there. First of all, the United States and Iran are planning to carve up Syria as each has one key goal in mind, to block the influence of Al Qaeda. They are also attempting to keep Assad in power after the civil war ends. Now a new spectacular story surfaced today as Russia believes Al Qaeda in Syria has sarin gas and may have a plot to attack the Winter Olympics coming up soon in Sochi. Iran is still a hotbed for terrorists, but it appears to be of the Hezbollah variety. This doesn’t excuse it but it does explain at least part of the thawing between the West and Iran. I’m sure you’ll sleep much better knowing all of this.

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