Top 15 trading movies: 2013 edition

1) Trading Places (1983)

After so many stories of regulatory mishaps and greedy financiers, Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy bring some much-needed comic relief to our list. Aykroyd, a successful broker, and Murphy, a street hustler, unwittingly trade places as the result of a social experiment by the villainous Duke brothers. While often disputed, many people believe that the inspiration for the film came from the real-life social experiment of trading partners William Eckhardt and Richard Dennis. The two Chicago traders set out to settle a dispute over whether successful trading could be taught. The Turtles, as they dubbed their students, went on to successful trading careers. 

The film wasn’t just a commercial and critical success—in 2010 testimony before Congress, CFTC chairman Gary Gensler proposed the “Eddie Murphy rule,” banning trading on non-public information from government sources.


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