Stock trading apps: don't leave home without them

In our ongoing series, we explore both free and paid smart phone apps to follow stocks.

If you’ve ever experienced missing a great trade or investment opportunity because you weren’t able to watch for signals off your price charts, then help has arrived. Two smart phone apps let you take the market with you wherever you go while also giving you vital access to charts and technical indicators without being chained to a computer monitor all day.

StockTouch, by Visible Market Inc., is a free phone app that you can download at iTunes and upload within minutes.

Stock Touch App

The thing that you will first notice about StockTouch is the screen is a heatmap of 9 sectors, 4,000 companies, 30,000 charts, 40,000 news stories and 50,000 tiles of heat.  It also displays heat maps for both the top 900 US and 900 Global companies in each sector by market capitalization.  It also allows you to create your own personal heat maps of favorite stocks and ETFs.   

Immediately, you gain a bird’s eye view of the market and to find where new opportunities are waiting.  Using the brightly lit tiles, you’re able hone in on undiscovered stocks with potential before they are well-known by sliding the tile’s screen left-to-right for headline news, price/volume charts, and key statistics to help you make your trade decisions.

For even more features and technical tools, Portfolio Mobile - Stock Tracking & Market Analysis by Bare Reef LLC, is a paid app ($19.99) that is rich in both. (Bare Reef also has a free Portfolio lite version).

Portfolio app

The toolbar at the bottom of the screen give you the ability to move from watchlists, world markets, categories, currencies, portfolios, securities, and alarms.  Each selection allows for customization so you can tailor each module to your own needs.

The app’s data is tied to Yahoo Finance so you can tap the screen to any stock and select a basic chart just like Yahoo’s charts or you can select a chart with technical indicators.  You just tap the “technical” feature at the top of your phone’s screen and a new chart with technical indicators will appear.

Then, go to the top of your screen and tap the middle icon for “chart templates” you can select from a wide variety of common indicators to help you track your trade candidates.  Plus, you can create as many templates as you need with as many indicators that can fit into your phone’s screen.

Each app has a unique set of tools to help you stay ahead of the market along with the flexibility to tailor those tools to your needs.  StockTouch is hard to beat because it’s free and, for a visual trader, it can be a huge asset with its brightly colored heatmaps and charts, but it’s limited to price charts and volume.

Portfolio Mobile, however, offers a lot technical indicators and features for the market technician but one drawback is that the market data comes from Yahoo Finance so there is a 15-minute delay. 

That said, each app can help you but spend time learning the strength and weaknesses of each before using it in real-time decisions. 

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