Smart phone apps for the busy trader

In the first of our series on smart phone apps, we look at some helpful apps for the newer trader.

*The E*Trade Mobile app is one of the most dependable trading apps and offers free independent research for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds, as well as landscape-mode charts and EMA/SMA technical indicators. It also lets you can access your accounts and, most importantly, place trades via both touch-screen and voice-command options. Its menu is simple to navigate to any of these areas for fast access.

etrade mobile app

*ThinkorSwim’s iSwim app offers a full featured stock trading platform, straight on your iOS or Android device. This is a reliable app because it allows you to trade off of ThinkorSwim’s platform whether its stocks, options, futures, and its features allow you help analyze risk and performance. You’ll need to start at ThinkorSwim’s original app to hook into the iSwim (if you search just for iSwim you’ll get some good info on where to swim). And you’ll have to log in to get real-time data, otherwise there is a 20-minute delay in getting info. This app also gives you the ability to “paper trade,” always a good way to learn the ropes of trading.

think or swm app

*For those traders who still are trying to figure out their trading style, or are trying to perfect it, there is the iTrade app, a stock trading simulator. The beauty of some of these apps is they allow you to real time paper trade with an “account.” The iTrade app allows you to sharpen your skills by trading the stock market without the risk. iTrade is a realistic simulation that gives you up-to-date quotes, news and access to a community of users in which you can compete against. It’ a free app but you’ll need to register prior to joining. Make sure you check out the instruction video before joining, just to make sure if it’s something that appeals to you. The designers call it a “game,” hoping it’s a fun way to learn how to trade stocks.

*Bloomberg  (Bloomberg mobile) also offers a strong application for smart phones that gives you access to news from around the world, headlines, quotes, charts and tools to analyze the markets. The major benefit of using this app is that you are plugged into a network that has access to news and events worldwide while also giving you the ability to customize that content for your particular needs.

bloomberg app

Our mission

Smart phone technology allows you to have the power of instant research and information at the tips of your fingers but the number of phone apps increases every day. This creates new challenges in finding which apps will help you achieve your own particular goals  As we said, not all apps are equal. Our mission going forward is to highlight and review on a regular basis top free and paid apps for traders. We will profile those covering specific markets, specific trading information, and along the way highlight some of the best features and practices to help reduce your search time so you can focus on trading. We urge you to contact us to provide recommendations (no marketing please) and why you believe it’s an essential app for trading. Stay tuned for our next review focusing on top futures brokerage app features.

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