Unlocking the secrets of Gann: Will the market crash in August?

Harking back to Figure 3, we see that the recovery wave’s top, on May 28, took place on day 1542 of the run and culminated upon the Square’s western cardinal (Figure 8). However, given that it bounced off the eastern cardinal (on March 09, 2009), its rotation has so far achieved 1800 — an indication of an incomplete move. Note that the peak of May 28, followed by a 28cd decline, touched upon the western cardinal on June 25 at a 3600 (1542 and 28, Figure 8). The final 52cd advance of the recovery wave will reach the Square’s western arm on August 16, 2013, where it will once again form a 3600 angle. However, its total span of 1621cd will fall upon the eastern cardinal at a 3600 angle with the preceding 496cd of the GFC crash.

For three millennia the pharaohs of Egypt relied upon large rocks carved with horizontal lines to record the height the Nile’s waters had reached during each day of the seasonal inundation. Indeed, Nileometer records collected from rocks scattered along the Nile are the longest data series we have. And although large chunks from the BCE data are missing, the records we have go back to 624AD, to the day Cairo’s Rhoda Island Nileometer became functional. The sheer length of this collection speaks volumes to their importance to the then pharaohs and scientists today. Ravaging floods and droughts turned the Nile settlers into brilliant problem solvers obsessed with patterns, symmetry and time sequences. Their effort yielded the Square-of-9 — Egypt’s most guarded secret, which tracked the changes in the Nile’s ups and downs over three thousand years. Subsequently, the pharaohs enshrined it in the Great Pyramid’s tiers where the block arrangement of each mimics the spiral of the Milky Way. When pulled from the number 1 at the centre, this Square morphs into a pyramid (Figure 10). With no data-processing technology, the Square and graphs sustained the pharaohs until Egypt‘s fall to the Romans in 48 BCE. One can only speculate how much richer the pharaohs would have been had they also invented the stock market.

Figure 10 – The Square-of-9 constitutes an image of one pyramidal tier.


When asked “What is the cause behind the time factor?” Gann smiled and said: “It has taken me years of exhaustive study to learn the cause that produces the effects according to time. That is my secret and too valuable to be spread broadcast…” He died of heart failure in June 1956 and was laid to rest in New York’s Brooklyn Cemetery in a grave facing his beloved Wall Street. Just as the pharaohs departed leaving no clue to the secret they buried in the Great Pyramid’s tiers, Gann left us an image of one of its tiers, yet, withheld its layout and instructions of use.


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