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What’s your (market) type?

Shortly after the New World was discovered, a race ensued by explorers to stake their claim for their king, their homeland and themselves. The fleets that these explorers sailed across the sea represented the finest engineering of the day, and the crews were some of the best trained in the world. However, despite the cutting-edge design and immense resources invested in this effort, many ships found their way to the bottom of the Atlantic, along with their gold and crew.

Even with the most advanced tools made available to these adventurers and merchants, the broad swath of the stormy Atlantic was unlike anything the captains had seen. In short, they failed to recognize a changing nautical environment and adapt accordingly.

Today, trillions of dollars in currencies and equities represent a sea of opportunity on a global level, and individual traders are the captains trying to navigate the undulating planes for profit and reward. Unfortunately for many, the risk is too much and their adaptations too slow, so they find themselves in the financial version of Davy Jones’ Locker.

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