New high in DJIA follows astrological pattern

Cycle II—Security and Physical Goods—1942-1988

This Saturn/Uranus cycle began with a conjunction in the sign of Taurus, which stands for comfort and security of the physical and set the overarching theme of physical security and the cost of physical goods throughout the cycle.

The stock market’s low occurred five days previous to the first exact conjunction, ending a five-month bear market that was precipitated by the attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor in December 1941. This attack threatened the U.S. sense of security and brought it into WWII.

At the waxing square, the market rallied during the Korean Conflict (War) as the post-WWII boom was gaining steam. U.S. military involvement in Vietnam occurred during the Saturn/Uranus opposition, when the DJIA stalled just around the 1000 mark, and did not surpass that high for another six years.

On October 8, 1974, Saturn and Uranus were within 9 degrees of their first exact waning square as President Gerald Ford introduced the “Whip Inflation Now (WIN)” campaign as the first effects of inflation’s impact of OPEC’s oil embargo of 1973 that had resulted in a quadrupling of crude oil prices and sent the U.S. economy into a deep recession.

During the exact hits of the waning square, the DJIA struggled, and although the index climbed above 1000 in 1976, it did not surpass the 1973 high of 1067 until a major bull market began in 1982.

Cycle II—Security and Physical Goods


Saturn/Uranus Aspect

Date of Aspect


Conjunct 29 degrees Taurus

May 3, 1942

Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 sparks 5-month bear market to low on April 28, 1942 @ 92.69

Saturn in Libra waxing square to Uranus in Cancer at 13 degrees

Dec. 7, 1951

Uptrend during Korean War.

DJIA surpasses 1929 high in 1954.

April 18, 1952

Oct. 15, 1952

Saturn in Pisces opposite Uranus in Virgo at 11 degrees

April 1, 1965

New all-time high of 1001 on Feb. 9, 1966 not surpassed for 6 years, until 1007 on Nov. 10,1972.

Aug. 27, 1965

Feb. 24, 1966

Nov. 8, 1966

Jan. 6, 1967

Saturn in Leo waning square Uranus in Scorpio at 01 degrees

Oct. 4, 1975

Ultimate high of 1067 on Jan. 11, 1973; double-top in 1976. Then severe bear market to ultimate low of 570 in December 1974

Oct. 17, 1975

July 1, 1976

Feb. 23, 1977

April 22, 1977

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