CFTC Gensler addresses customer protections, swaps at Senate hearing


The CFTC’s hardworking team of 690 is less than 10 percent more in numbers than at our peak in the 1990s.  Yet since that time, the futures market has grown five-fold, and the swaps market is eight times larger than the futures market.

Market implementation of swaps reforms means additional resources for the CFTC are all the more essential.  Investments in both technology and people are needed for effective oversight of these markets by regulators – like having more cops on the beat.

Though data has started to be reported to the public and to regulators, we need the staff and technology to access, review and analyze the data.  Though 71 entities have registered as new swap dealers, we need people to answer their questions and work with the NFA on the necessary oversight to ensure market integrity.  Furthermore, as market participants expand their technological sophistication, CFTC technology upgrades are critical for market surveillance and to enhance customer fund protection programs

Without sufficient funding for the CFTC, the nation cannot be assured this agency can closely monitor for the protection of customer funds and utilize our enforcement arm to its fullest potential to go after bad actors in the futures and swaps markets.  Without sufficient funding for the CFTC, the nation cannot be assured that this agency can effectively enforce essential rules that promote transparency and lower risk to the economy.

The CFTC is currently funded at $207 million.  To fulfill our mission for the benefit of the public, the President requested $308 million for fiscal year 2013 and 1,015 full-time employees.

Thank you again for inviting me today, and I look forward to your questions.

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