A new kind of job market

I love the website TED.com. In case you haven't heard of it, the website is dedicated to bringing experts in every field imaginable to give talks on their field of expertise. In one sitting you could watch a passionate discussion about the world's food supply or listen to a wildlife photographer's journey to film in Antartica.

The other thing I love about TED is that it often is very forward-thinking. The video below is a perfect example of the way it encourages people to share big ideas and to get others fired up for it.

In this video, Wingham Rowan proposes and idea for a new job market. Rather than wallowing on the fact that unemployment seems to have stagnated around 7.9% recently, Rowan proposes a new way of looking at the labor market and a way to tap what generally is an overlooked segment. He proposes the idea of microemployment.

What he means by that is tapping into the pool of workers that traditionally have very difficult schedules or other predicament that might prevent them from having a full-time job. By offering this segment of the work pool a way to schedule small jobs with employers that only need slivers of help here and there, he is offering a novel idea of how to change the workforce.

Check out his talk given in London this last November.

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