A visit from the fiscal cliff

T’was the last Energy Report before Christmas
And all through the pits,
Traders were wondering
If we’d go off the cliff.

A hoped for deal
Sent us up a tear,
But then came “Plan B,”
That Democrats screamed was unfair.

Republicans want to cut spending
To get us out of the red,
Democrats have visions
Of taxing rich people instead.

And Obama says
There’s just a few hundred billion dollar gap
And it does not make sense
To continue this flap.

Yet up in the House
There arose such a clatter,
Speaker John Boehner
Said that the talks were in tatters.

No to the tax cuts
Unless you make a million in cash!
And if Obama disagrees
Then the market might crash.

The biggest tax hike in history
Would be a very big blow
And all the Christmas shoppers
Might quit spending their dough.

We’ll start to wonder
If any new jobs could appear
If all of our taxes go
Up when we start the New Year.

The politicians had
To put their spin on this quick,
And blaming the other guy
Is always the trick.

More rapid than eagles
The sound-bites they came,
They were angry and shouted,
And they called each other names! 

Now, Boehner! Now Obama!
Now Reid and Pelosi!
You all say the other
Is as scary as Bella Lugosi

As Congress passes to torch
And our backs to the wall!
They have to agree on a deal
Or the market will fall.

As luck then would have it
The oil did fly,
After we saw oil inventories
We jumped to the sky.

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