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Rogue CEOs and absent regulators: Is there a pattern?

The SEC appealed the ruling and Rakoff later issued a supplemental order claiming the SEC filed a “materially misleading” request seeking an emergency halt to further proceedings.

The largest settlement related to the various questionable subprime related products created and marketed by investment banks was Goldman Sachs’ $550 million SEC fine two years ago after getting caught colluding with Paulson & Co. to create and market collateralized debt obligations so that Paulson could take the other side. In fact, this settlement preceded the similar Citi case, adding to Rakoff’s puzzlement. 

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The settlements are indeed large, but they close the window to criminal prosecution and prevent us from clearly determining guilt or even wrongdoing — and do little to deter future bad actors. Click here for a complete list of enforcement cases.  

The SEC lists 115 entities and individuals charged with misconduct related to the 2008 financial crisis, which resulted in more than $1.4 billion in penalties ordered or agreed to and $2.2 billion in total monetary relief. Perhaps if firms' existences were threatened by recidivist violations and leaders were held more accountable, this list would be shorter.

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