8 stock market superstitions that influence investors

Investment decisions are driven by the cold, hard facts—except when they aren’t

1. The Skyscraper Curse

This one goes back to 1931. It holds that when a country builds the word’s tallest building its stock market will soon tank. The first case cited is the building of the Empire State Building. After that, according to Bloomberg.com, new buildings in Chicago in 1974 and Kuala Lumpur in the 1990s led to a drop in stock prices.

Now, South Korea is apparently tempting fate with the the Lotte Super Tower 123 in Seoul, set to measure 1,821 ft. when it is completed in 2014, becoming the world's fourth-tallest building. Perhaps the downturns coincide with business cycles. An economic boom allows the planning of such grand edifices, but by the time they are complete a downturn is on the way.

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