PFGBest failed amid astrological stress

Looking at PFGBest another way provides some insight that could have been a warning.

This year, Neptune began its connection with the public reputation aspects of the charts on February 4, 2012 and continues for two years. Neptunian revelations about the company’s fortunes may be particularly highlighted from September 23-December 29, 2012. Hidden information about Wasendorf may come to light from May 2-July 15, 2013 and again from February 23-March 21, 2014. 

Overlapping these periods, Pluto and Uranus make another brush with Peregrine’s natal Uranus, just as they did from June 7-July 10, 2012, the period that included the dates of the suicide attempt, liquidation-only order from the National Futures Association and bankruptcy filing. The Pluto/Uranus combo’s closest connection is November 17-20, 2013. Thus, it very well could be that there is some sort of final revelation and conclusion about the fate of Peregrine Financial Group that occurs in mid-November 2013. The storyline about the company will be over and concluded by year-end 2013. However, there may be further revelations about Wasendorf personally through late March 2014 due to the influence of Neptune and its connection to his Sun. 

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