PFGBest failed amid astrological stress

Looking at PFGBest another way provides some insight that could have been a warning.

The charts are placed in chronological order from the middle outward. The birth chart of Russ Wasendorf is in the center. His first company, Wasendorf & Associates, is in the second ring. Peregrine Financial Group, the company that declared bankruptcy, is in the third ring. Wasendorf’s suicide attempt is the outer ring. 

1. Extreme stress for sudden, powerful transformation (purple) 

On June 24 this year, the entire world experienced the first of seven exact connections that will occur through March 2015 between two slow-moving powerhouse planets—Pluto j and Uranus h. For all of us, this energy is about taking unusual, revolutionary action (Uranus) to transform old structures, particularly in business and government (Pluto). The energy is strong because of the two planets involved and because they are in a relationship of conflict (square, at 90 degrees). The last time these two planets were connected was in the mid-1960s. 

For Peregrine Financial Group, this year’s Pluto/Uranus connection was exactly aligned with its own Uranus placement when the company incorporated in 1990. This strong Pluto/Uranus aspect was in the same degree of Peregrine’s Uranus from June 7-July 10, 2012 and indicated that the stress and pressure for unusual, unexpected, powerful transformation for the company was at its height during that period. Indeed, the company’s owner attempted suicide on July 9, 2012 and revealed in the accompanying suicide note that he had been embezzling company/customer funds for 20 years. 

In hindsight, it’s clear that this astrological stress played out in a negative way. But, it’s also within the archetypal parameters of astrology that the energy could have manifested more positively, with a new product innovation or company buyout, perhaps. If one had been examining Peregrine’s chart at the beginning of the year, it would have been clear that June 7-July 10 was a period of potential sudden or brilliant transformation of some sort and would be related to something hidden that was coming to light (see factor 2 next). It would not have been clear (without some one-on-one inquiry) whether that might lean toward positive or negative. 

2. Deception surrounding reputation and fortune brought to light (pink) 

To many people, Wasendorf and Peregrine had good reputations, which appears astrologically as the kite pattern that connects Wasendorf’s Sun a(personal identity), the Jupiter f (good fortune) of both companies and the Moon b (the public) in the chart of Wasendorf & Associates, formed 10 years earlier than Peregrine, in 1980. This formation, indicates that reputation was tied in an easy, mutual support system.  Wasendorf and the company got lucky breaks, which raised their reputation, instilled good feelings among customers (the public), created good fortune, raised reputation publicly, etc., etc., etc.  

Just a few weeks before the stunning events of July 9-10, two eclipses occurred that struck a connection with these charts to “expect the unexpected.” The May 20 solar eclipse made a challenging aspect to the Jupiter fof both companies. The June 4 lunar eclipse occurred on Wasendorf’s ascendant (horizontal line at 9 o’clock on the wheel), which indicated the transformation would be related to bringing something of magnitude to light that he personally was hiding from the company.  

In addition, a long-term influence affecting the Peregrine horoscopes in 2012 was the transit of Neptune  i (planet of illusion, fogginess and dissolution) near the Wasendorf Sun a corner of this kite formation, but more closely connected to the other points because of its degree. In force beginning in February 2012, the Neptune transit indicates that deception regarding issues of reputation and fortune would be brought to light. 

3. Timely trigger regarding company’s reputation (blue) 

Mars e, the planet of action and initiation, was in a tight angle and critical point at 8 a.m. on the morning of July 9 with the Moon b, Neptune i and the midheaven (MC), representing public reputation.  

The symmetry and tie-ins are impressive, but certainly one would have had to have been looking for them before the fact with a fine-tooth comb to discover them. And, even if you had, all it would have suggested is that there was potential for something to happen that would affect Peregrine’s public reputation. This transit does not tell you what could have happened. 

4. Timing and character of suicide attempt (green) 

Although unlikely to have been foreseen in this manner, the astrology that ties the estimated time of Wasendorf’s suicide attempt and his personal birth chart is connected in a meaningful way. 

Wasendorf was born with Pluto j, the planet associated with death and transformation, in Leo b, a sign that wants to command attention. When it was reported that employees first saw his car in an unusual location and alerted authorities—8 a.m. on July 9—two astrological points (Ascendent, outward persona; Mercury  c, transportation) were directly aligned with Wasendorf’s natal Pluto j(death) and in a harmonious connection to his natal Neptune i (gasses).  Thus, his high-profile suicide attempt involving asphyxiation in a car fits the astrological archetypes extremely well. 

What’s next? 

Based on the slow-moving Pluto, Uranus and Neptune and their connections to the Peregrine Financial Group chart, several time periods through early 2014 indicate when there may be potential news for this storyline. 

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