MF Global trustee releases status report on claims

August 7, 2012 05:48 PM
Customer claims are roughly half of unsecured claim total

A trustee in the MF Global bankruptcy case, James W. Giddens, has submitted an interim status report on the MF Global claims process.

According to the report, Giddings has received more than 27,000 "timely filed" commodities customer claims amounting to about $10 billion total. There are far fewer securities claims -- about 1,000 totaling $1.4 billion. Another 700 commodities claims came in after the Jan. 31 deadline, he says.

The amounts are just half of the 6,600 general unsecured claims, however. These total about $22.8 billion.

According to the report, there's approximately a $1.6 billion shortfall in segregated property available to return to former MFGI customers.

A link to the report is below.

Sixth Interim Status Report on Claims in MF Global Case

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