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10 must-have apps for traders

Android and iOS

Security always has been a concern online, and that is doubly the case for anything related to your financials. Almost everything you do online requires a password, and we always have been told we need different secure passwords for everything. The problem, of course, is knowing what a secure password is to begin with and then keeping track of the various passwords for all the different logins.

Keeper has two functions. First, it stores all your passwords in a single location and asks you for a pin code every time it recognizes you need a password and then fills in the necessary information. Second, it will generate random secure passwords for you. It uses a 128-bit military encryption program to keep everything secure.

Android and iOS
Free version available or $5/month for premium

Gone are the days of having only a single computer that stores all of your information. Now, most of us use multiple devices throughout the day, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. That means we’re able to stay connected and up-to-date throughout the day, but it also means it can be difficult to keep track of what notes are on which machine. 

Evernote helps keep you organized. It is designed to let you take notes on any device and be able to retrieve them from any other device. This free app synchronizes notes of all kinds, such as text notes, audio recorded notes or voice memos, and pictures, and then makes them all highly searchable. While it may not sound glamorous, it is very customizable and once you find a way to use it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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