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10 must-have apps for traders

Dolphin Browser HD
Android and iOS

Nearly every new mobile device comes with its own web-browser, but none are as user-friendly and intuitive as the Dolphin Browser HD. It may not be as fast as your stock browser, but the number and quality of added features more than makes up for it. Just like some third-party browsers for your desktop, you can add features to it to fit your specific needs. A few of the possibilities include automatically filling in passwords on websites, blocking ads, full-screen web browsing and voice searches.

One of the nicest features is the built-in navigation features, which let you perform a number of different actions with just a swipe or two of your finger. Your bookmarked webpages are just a swipe away, and navigating the web is easy with the gestures once you learn them. Plus, looks amazing on this browser.


Android and iOS

The financial industry has a language all its own, and things only get more complicated as you delve into each of the sectors. For someone just getting started, it can be downright intimidating, and even seasoned traders sometimes can use a refresher.

The Investopedia app puts the website’s most-searched terms always within arm’s reach and covers everything from basic terms, such as “margin,” “commodity” and “broker,” to more specialized and complicated terms, such as “tranche,” “debenture” and “Value-at-Risk.”

“Even as someone who’s been in the business for a while, I’ll occasionally run across a term that I’m not familiar with and [Investopedia] usually is the first place I’ll go to brief myself,” Miller says.

The app does have a cost associated with it and basically is a go-anywhere version of the website, so some people may not see the value. But if you have spotty data coverage or just don’t want the hassle of going to the website on your mobile device, then it is worth checking out.

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