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10 must-have apps for traders

Bank apps
Android and iOS

Just like every broker has its own app, nearly every bank has one as well. While you would assume bank apps would be confined to mostly checking your balance or transferring funds between accounts, some are becoming even more useful with the ability to deposit checks simply by taking a picture of the check with your device’s camera.

The biggest benefit is the ability to access your funds and the peace of mind from being able to check it at any time.

News apps
Android and iOS
Free, but may require subscription

Staying current with world events can be the difference between booking a profit and realizing a loss. With so many options available, it really is a matter of preference and whether you are willing to pay for the subscription. 

New apps are coming on the market every day; these are just a few that we’ve found to be the most productive for traders. If you have other apps you find useful, come online and tell us about them. 

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