New for traders: Technology

December 31, 2011 06:00 PM

Continuum and Zlantrader announced that they have entered a partnership to power Zlantrader’s trading application with Continuum Connect, Continuum’s API solution for market data delivery and trade execution.

CQG, Inc. announced that it has established a point-of-presence in Shanghai, connecting its global network to mainland China.

DB1 upgraded its trading platform to the Xetra Release 12.0, which has order types including the strike match and top of book orders. The strike match order creates a link between Xetra and Eurex, and reduces “pin risk” for participants trading in both markets, and the top of the book order allows participants to ensure that the order is either placed at the top of the order book or rejected.

London-based FFastFill plc announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the trade and assets of Chicago-based technology consulting and software solutions business, WTD Consulting, Inc., for a maximum consideration of up to $12.0 million (£7.6m).

Nasdaq unveiled Genium Risk, a clearing system that allows “real-time” risk management for multiple exchange-traded assets and OTC derivatives. The new system will be operated for NDAQ’s Nordic clearing house, and “capital efficient risk models for fixed income and equities will optimize the use of member collateral,” as reported in the Financial Times.

Plus Trading systems launched its PlusMatch exchange trading platform, which has an average latency of 200 microseconds to external clients via standard FIX, and a message throughput of 150,000 messages per second, and an average internal matching engine latency of 13 microseconds. The system also has the ability to scale one million messages per second, with a typical latency to external client of less than 100 microseconds.

Trading Technologies International, Inc. announced the release of a new gateway to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The connection is expected to further fuel TT’s growth in the Asia/Pacific region.

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