Stock market continues to grapple for yearly gain


Market Snapshot for December 27, 2011 (6:31 p.m. ET, Dec. 27):

Closing Prices: DOW 12,291.35 (-2.65, -0.02%), S&P 500 1,265.43 (+0.10, +0.01%), NASDAQ 2,625.20 (+6.56, +0.25%), Nikkei 225 8,440.56 (-, -%), DAX 5,889.76 (+10.83, +0.18%), FTSE 5,512.70 (+55.73, +1.02%)

OIL 101.31, GOLD 1,592.90, SILVER 28.695

EURO 1.3067, YEN 77.88, BRITISH POUND 1.5662, U.S. DOLLAR INDEX 80.135

Markets Continue to Grapple for Yearly Gains

The market didn't offer a lot of action on Tuesday as many participants continued to enjoy an extension of the end of the year holiday season. The markets pulled slightly higher early on in the day, but retreated into the close with further selling afterhours. A two-wave pullback into early Wednesday morning off Tuesday's highs allowed the index futures to once again pull higher ahead of Wednesday's opening bell, but overall price action has been rather uneventful.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (Figure 1)

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