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Software Review: Evaluvest – P4 Stock Analysis System

Evaluvest – P4 Stock Analysis System
Web site:
Requirements: Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).
Price: 15-day free trial. $149.95 per month with discounts available for six and 12 months.

Overall Rating: 3.5 of 4

Evaluvest P4 is able to separate itself from dozens of seemingly similar web-based trading services by offering comprehensive charting abilities coupled with built-in proprietary indicators and analysis. The service has a short learning curve and is supplemented by extensive customer support in the form of multi-weekly video analysis. Evaluvest P4 is an attractive option for intermediate to advanced traders looking for a more systematic approach in their trading.

Installation, documentation and support: 4 of 4

Being a web-based service, Evaluvest P4 has no installation other than creating an account at their website. This process is simple and requires little information from the user other than basics such as name and address. Evaluvest maintains a clutter-free website that is clear of advertisements and third-party “add-ons” which so often accompany web-based trading services.

Evaluvest has embraced the latest in social networking by offering a Twitter profile, Facebook page, YouTube videos, LinkedIn account and their own blog. The YouTube videos, in particular, are quite impressive as they are released two to three times a week and feature a weekly preview on Mondays and recap on Fridays. These videos are 10-15 minutes in length and include analysis of the overall market, sectors and individual securities. The analysis is presented using the Evaluvest P4 interface, providing the viewer with continuous exposure to the product which serves to shorten the learning curve.

For more specific user support, the developers at Evaluvest are available via telephone and email.

Features: 3 of 4

Evaluvest P4 is essentially a charting/screening program with several built-in proprietary indicators. As a charting program, it is surprisingly full of features. The service comes loaded with more than 50 common technical indicators including volume analysis, moving averages and stochastics. Stock charts can be scaled into daily or weekly formats easily, and multiple charts can occupy the screen with the ability to move and resize as the user sees fit.

In addition to the impressive charting abilities, Evaluvest P4 also offers “quote screens” to the user. These are your typical columns of stocks that can be grouped into categories (by sector, index, etc.) and show the current price and change, as well as being color-coded reflecting if they are up or down at that moment. The user can access charting while also having the quote screens loaded, which makes for more convenient analysis.

The heart of the system is not charting or quote screens, rather it is the ability to “find better stocks, faster.” The developers of Evaluvest have identified four areas that they use to identify profitable trades. These are:

  1. Earnings acceleration – Evaluvest has access to institutional data including earnings, and as such the service is able to identify those stocks (indexes and ETFs as well) that show acceleration over various time periods.
  2. Sector power – How “powerful” is the sector performing relative to the overall market and to other sectors? It should be noted that, just as Evaluvest may locate attractive stocks to buy, it also can identify those that exhibit sufficient weakness to be shorted.
  3. Technicals – This refers to the charting portion of the service and the indicators therein. Positions are vetted based on if the underlying technical indicator is flashing a buy/sell signal.
  4. Market power – Similar to sector power, but instead evaluates the overall market and determines if it is overbought or oversold.

Given the indicators above, a trader still may be at a loss in terms of how to use these in a successful trading system. The developers of Evaluvest, in their many online videos, conveniently present a systematic method of screening stocks using the above criteria. They recommend beginning with a weekly look at the indexes to identify the strongest markets, followed by sector analysis, daily analysis and finally intraday. Evaluvest P4 is able to rank stocks by various measures within these multiple timeframes, making a top-down analysis very handy. However, users can proceed with many different approaches or find one that may be more suitable to their trading temperament.


Evaluvest P4 excels at being both a charting and screening program, with the added bonus of a robust, intuitive stock-picking methodology included. Of course, for a system like this to be effective, the data provided must be extensive – and indeed it is. The service includes price, volume and selected fundamental data on over 6,900 stocks, ETFs and indexes. Additionally, data on 140 sectors also is a part of the package. The combination of timely, exhaustive data with the proprietary Evaluvest stock selection system results in a very attractive service for traders seeking a systematic, objective approach to investing.

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