MF Global Inc.’s 1,066 employees terminated

November 11, 2011- New York, New York – In accordance with the court-mandated liquidation and wind down of MF Global Inc., the broker-dealer’s work force, consisting of 1,066 employees, was notified today that their employment is terminated, effective immediately, although salaries will be paid through November 15, 2011. Between 150 and 200 former employees are being hired to assist in the wind down of the business and processing of bankruptcy claims.

Following the failure of MF Global Inc., James W. Giddens, the court-appointed Trustee for the liquidation of MF Global Inc., became responsible for the winding down of the business, including the termination of employees, as mandated by the Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA).

The Trustee is exploring ways to immediately vacate MF Global Inc. offices in New York City, and that office will be closed as soon as possible. Smaller and less expensive office space will be rented for the minimal Trustee staff in New York to assist with the liquidation of the broker-dealer. MF Global Inc.’s office space in Chicago will continue to be leased for an undetermined but limited amount of time, as the business there is also wound down.

The termination of employees and closure of operations is a necessary part of the court-ordered liquidation of MF Global Inc. and is consistent with the Trustee’s obligations under SIPA to preserve assets and identify and marshal other property to maximize the estate in a manner that is fair to all customers and other creditors.

The broker-dealer is not conducting business and will not be reorganized, in accordance with the court-ordered liquidation of MF Global Inc.

The Trustee has made significant progress in ending the business operations of MF Global Inc. Approximately 17,000 customer account positions and approximately $1.5 billion in customer account funds have been transferred to other future commodities merchants.

The Trustee’s staff has secured MF Global Inc.’s offices in New York and Chicago. The Trustee has also retained Ernst & Young forensic accountants, while Deloitte has been retained to assist in account transfers, claims processing and administration of the liquidation process.

The information in this statement does not apply to any other MF Global entity, including separate insolvency proceedings involving the parent company, MF Global Holdings Ltd.

Media Contact for the MF Global Inc. Trustee:

Kent Jarrell: 202-230-1833

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