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Bahadur’s final lesson

Trader Profile

When Nigel Bahadur, founder and sole principal of Structured Markets Inc., cashed in on his software company’s initial public offering, he was looking for new horizons to conquer. When the person he chose to handle his windfall from the IPO underperformed, he took the reins of his own portfolio and found his next challenge. "My financial advisors were totally screwing up and I thought I could do better, and that is how it started," Bahadur says.

Bahadur was senior VP of research and development for EXE Technologies, Inc., as well as an owner. He spent 10 years helping to grow the software company and its predecessor, Neptune Software Inc., from a small operation to one with 600 employees in 13 countries prior to its IPO in 2000. EXE did not IPO at the ideal time, but it did earn Bahadur enough to retire and focus on his investments.

He started out looking at equities but soon was drawn into the futures markets. "I started reading about what Linda Raschke was doing and then attended one of her seminars and everything in her seminar was futures-based, so I started looking at [futures]," Bahadur says. "I liked them a lot better than stocks. You can look at 2,000 stocks every night and you still could pick the wrong ones; in futures you have, what, 25 markets, 40 tops? That helped me focus my attention."

Photograph by Bob Stefko

He introduced himself to Raschke following one of her seminars and they began talking about programming. "She explained to me what she was looking to do, and I said I could do that," Bahadur says.

Coincidentally, he moved to Florida where Raschke’s company, LBR Group, was located and began consulting for LBR. "It wasn’t until after I started to work with Linda on a full-time basis that I really got the education I needed," he says. "We did a lot of price analysis and programming in the first few years there."

While he was consulting with LBR, he also was building his own systems and began trading proprietary capital in 2005 on two models. Every year since, he has added a model to his system, and in 2008 became registered as a commodity trading advisor (CTA) while continuing to work with LBR and trading proprietary capital.

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