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Capturing breakouts with precise entries

On a price chart, you can observe a Breakaway Lap in either direction by the hole it leaves in its price action from the previous day’s daily range to the present price bar where the price signal forms (see "Breaking away").

Depending on whether this pattern forms in either a bullish or bearish context, it indicates a flood of buying and selling that pushes a stock’s price out of the normal trading range from the previous closing price to the current opening price. Because of the extreme supply and demand, volume is not a factor when confirming the entry, but instead the signal is confirmed based on where price is trading —support or resistance — at the time the signal materializes.

The final and most explosive price pattern is the Breakaway Gap. The Breakaway Gap creates a huge space outside the daily price action of the previous trading day’s range and the current trading day at a critical support or resistance price level.

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